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ensuring everything is as comfortable as possible for you and your infant.

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About the Mohel

Based in Manchester and married with kids of his own, Mr Zvi Kaufman is an expert at At Home Circumcisions with years of experience doing baby circumcisions and is a current member of the Initiation society.

Having trained under top experts in the UK he also married into a family of Mohelim (Circumcision experts) giving him all the extra expertise and know-how one could possibly want and need.

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At Home Circumcisions is a convenient and affordable private baby circumcision service providing circumcision services exactly when and where you need it – Right in your own trusted environment – with no need to travel after the procedure.

We use the traditional Jewish method that has been tested and approved millions of times over 1000’s of years! and is still known as the fastest, safest and most pain free method of circumcision.