1, What method do you use to do the circumcision ?

We do the circumcision using the traditional method which has been practised for 1000’s of years, we do not use the plastibell/ring method. The procedure is completed in very little time.

2, How long does the bandage stay on for?

The tight bandage around the penis is taken off about 10mins after the circumcision. All that is left on the wound after that is a loose tissue wrapped around it (which will probably come off itself or in the bath).

3, How important is it that i check my baby hourly for the first 6 hours for any bleeding?

Very important ! The only real concern after a circumcision is fresh bleeding, therefore checking has to be done.

4, Is swelling by the circumcision site and yellow discharge normal after a circumcision?

Yes it is normal and is part of the healing process, but if you are at all concerned don’t hesitate to contact me.

5, Is it better for my baby to have his circumcision when he is younger rather than older?

Yes he’s best having his circumcision between 7 days and a month old . He’ll feel less the younger he is and the healing is quicker. Even if he is more than a few weeks old, try getting it done sooner rather than later.

6, Does my baby need to be seen again after the circumcision?

Most times they don’t need seeing again. But if the parents would like an after check then that of course can be arranged.

7, How long does the healing take?

The healing should take between 7 and 14 days.

8, Are you insured for your work?

Yes of course. We are fully insured and trained with the INITIATION SOCIETY. It was founded in 1745 and exists to ensure the highest medical and religious standards for Bris Milah / Circumcision are adhered to by the Mohelim (practitioners).